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Why is it important?

It focuses on organic search results (those that are not paid). That is, those terms that appear in top positions. Every hour 1.4 billion searches are performed in the world. Of those searches, 70% of clicks are on organic results and 75% of users do not reach the second page. If we take all this into account, we can see that this is a lot of clicks per month for the first result.

Stages in the work SEO

On Page

It consists of structuring the site as Google requires it to be able to interpret and index it easily. The fundamental thing is to present the search engine the web as structured and clear as possible, so it can give the most accurate response to the user.

All efforts are made to improve the relevance of the site.



Positioning fully involves the programming code, design and content, which is complemented by the area of development and web design. This is complemented by the area of web development and design. Through this section is analyzed and worked correctly so that it can be understood and indexed from search engines.


SEO Server

An aesthetically pleasing website is not enough to attract visitors. It is important that the website is hosted on a hosting that allows to order and thus, appear in search results.


Web Structure

Organize the internal content of the site according to the pages that comprise it. All content on the website must have a unique URL. This step includes tags in the code, friendly url, image optimization, among others.


Link Juice

It is synthesized as the internal process that gives power to a website. This procedure is performed from the generation of both internal and external links. What is generated from this, is the distribution of energy throughout all the pages of the site.

Off Page

They are actions outside the site that nourish it with authority. Internet is increasingly a network that relates not only pages, but everything that is connected. How to stand out among so much information? The Seo Off Page is a fundamental strategy for this and is complemented by the Seo On Page giving a good basis for positioning the siDude.

Those external factors that add to the positioning of the web.



The generation of quality links to the web generates a network of links that enhances our site. Search engines take into account this flow of traffic between different sites.


Social Profiles

To carry out a media strategy that, focusing on social networks and the power they provide to provide instant information, enhances the reach of the brand to reach through different channels to users who are looking for the brand or business.


KPI Development and Implementation

The KPIs are the most relevant indicators to measure the positioning performance of a website. After an analysis, we evaluate which ones are best suited to the project and work on them as main objectives.


Traffic Analysis

It is the sum of income to the web and the different pages that make up the website. It can be measured using different tools and parameters that will improve this variable.

SE0 contents

The strategy is to generate content that attracts and keeps the user browsing the web. This indicates to Google that the site is of interest and worth positioning it. The content is information, news, tools and details that are self-produced, seo optimized and with a pleasant and fresh language.


Inbound Marketing

It is a strategy that consists of generating content related to the main objective, but without talking about it specifically. If, for example, a travel agency wants to sell flights, the ideal is to generate content about the best places to take a vacation. In the initial stage of attraction, it is crucial that our users find information about our products or services. We focus on the onpage optimization of the site, and then develop a content marketing strategy by searching for keywords related to the brand and its products and services.

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